United Protection Security Inc. is the ultimate tool for keeping your company’s Construction and Industrial Sites safe. This industry can be easily targeted by thieves and vandals because some larger equipment and supplies are stored outside and are unsecured. Physical security guards have proved to be an insufficient and ineffective instrument for the Construction and Industrial Sites. This is where United Protection Security Inc comes in to help reduce their risks and losses. Big or small, United Protection Security Inc. is the security provider to meet the needs of any construction company or industrial site.

Physical Security Guard

Physical security guards are less effective than virtual video monitoring and prove to be more expensive too. Restrictions of human vision, ability to reach certain areas, shift changes, psychological and physiological factors—all of these reduce the efficiency of physical guards. On the other hand, our surveillance system is not subject to fatigue, laziness, or any other physical factor. This increases productivity and reduces overall costs significantly because the monitoring system is more cost effective then one physical guard’s wage.

Companies that utilize United Protection Security Inc. and replace older methods of Construction and Industrial Sites security are beyond satisfied with the efficiency of virtual video monitoring. With UPS Guard, real estate developers and construction companies can be sure that their apartments, condominiums, and company grounds are safe and secure.

Command & Control Center

The Command & Control Center has proved to be very efficient in crime prevention. With motion-activated programming and real-time video footage, quick analysis and action can be taken by personnel in case of intruders or any activity on the construction site.

While current economic conditions are forcing companies to reduce all costs, including security costs, United Protection Security Inc. is proving to be a reliable and efficient tool to cover all security issues while keeping construction and industrial sites within their set budgets.

If the intruder fails to respond, security guards at the Control Center will use high-quality cameras to record footage to identify who the person is. This also helps to ensure that there are no false alarms. Once they establish that the person should not be there, the local authorities are alerted to come to the property immediately therefore preventing the crime from occurring.
Our system will be custom built to your specific needs, including but not limited to live video monitoring, standing uniformed security officers, armed officers, patrol, off duty police officers and many other options.
Unlike other security systems, we at United Protection Security. work closely with every individual client to come up with the best available options to give you the ultimate protection, while also respecting your budget.
Video feeds are transmitted in real time and the personnel at the Command Center can see exactly what is happening in the premises and take action according to clients’ instruction
Our company takes great pride in making sure all our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. We specialize in the protection of Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, Residential Estates, Car Dealerships and many more.
United Protection Security. uses only the highest-quality technology available on the market today.
Our management team is available 24 hours a day in case of any emergency.